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      OIS partners with hospital administrators to streamline their outpatient departments and improve patient care.


      Outpatient Integrated Strategies partners with hospitals to streamline their outpatient departments and dramatically improve patient care, efficiency, and profitability.



      Our vision is to be an innovator in healthcare by implementing operational and clinical best practices that advance transitional care, dramatically improve patient outcomes, and provide financial stability for healthcare institutions.




      Our mission is to forge partnerships with customers that allow their clinicians to focus more on patients and less on the business of healthcare.


      We help to provide superior patient outcomes through tools, oversight and support.


      The quality of our efforts is measured by superior patient outcomes. We provide the tools, physician oversight, and support needed to run a successful outpatient center. Partnering with OIS allows our customers to focus on their top priority—providing world-class patient care.

      We help our clients successfully self-manage their outpatient services programs.

      Outpatient Services

      With proper guidance, operational adjustments, and the right procedures, many outpatient centers can successfully self-manage through collaboration and physician-directed patient care. Our intent is not to commandeer your outpatient department; our mission is to help you optimize patient outcomes and profitability.

      We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative relationship with every customer, helping you pay only for what you need

      create positive change

      OIS prides itself on a direct, candid, and collaborative relationship with every customer. Because each project is unique, we customize services to meet the needs of each specific situation—you only pay for what you need. We analyze your specific opportunities and strengths and implement processes that create positive change and momentum.

      Our Care Management Focus for Success

      Engaging OIS completely changed the course of our wound care program. We have since transitioned from a Physical Therapy driven clinic to a physician driven clinic. This has allowed us to have five days per week of physician coverage, expand clinic services, implement an EMR, and add hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to name a few. The new EMR software allows us to monitor patient healing processes more accurately and to track patient outcomes to quality goals. The changes in our clinic have greatly expanded access to advanced wound care for our community. OIS has been with us every step of the way as we have expanded and grown our wound care clinic. Their expertise and assistance allowed for a smooth transition, rapid growth, and success. We are very pleased we chose OIS.


      Stephany D. Stanton BSN, RN
      Executive Director Clinical Integration
      Case Management | Wound Clinic
      St. Mary’s Health, Evansville

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