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      Use of Adequate Compression

      The goal: Compression that is high enough to promote healing while limiting the potential for complications. Compression therapy is considered the gold standard treatment for venous ulcers, and it provides several essential...

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      When to Use Cellular and Tissue Products (CTPs)

      A provider should consider using advanced biologic therapies when wound healing has stalled, when wounds are large or deep, and when there are comorbidities. To say that wound healing is a complex process is a bit of an understatement.  However, disruptions caused by...

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      TCC for Offloading DFU

      TCCs should be a first line of defense against DFUs, not the treatment of last resort. Rapidly healing DFUs, even small ulcers, helps to prevent amputations and reduce mortality rates. Total contact casting (TCC) is considered the gold standard in treating diabetic...

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