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      Case Study


      Marion Health—a provider of high-quality medical services in rural Grant County, Indiana—had an existing wound care department that served the community’s needs, but the nurse-driven program faced limitations. The program lacked consistent physician oversight and was unable to perform key procedures, such as debridement. With the hope of expanding their services, improving patient outcomes, keeping costs in check, and generating more revenue, Marion Health began exploring potential partnerships to reshape their wound care program in 2015. 

      After a thorough vetting process, Marion Health selected Outpatient Integrated Strategies (OIS) as a wound care partner. “We interviewed several different organizations, and OIS was definitely the best fit,” says Cindy Futrell, Chief Nursing Officer at Marion Health. “They were small, but had the same vision as we did.”


      OIS brought wound care expertise and a flexible approach that allowed them to customize solutions to fit Marion Health’s needs. OIS added a physician leader to provide dedicated oversight of wound care patients, and also helped implement new treatment capabilities, including hyperbaric services, debridement, and skin grafts.

      “We did not have the ability to do the debridements that we’re doing, or the skin grafts, and we couldn’t grow [as a program] where we were,” Futrell explains. “And now we have those capabilities.”

      In addition to clinical enhancements, OIS provided resources and support to help Marion Health’s wound care program thrive.

      “They’re very much in sync [with us] and have the same mission and vision of serving our community in a cost effective way with high quality care,” says Futrell. OIS has also offered staff education, assistance with billing and quality metrics, and innovative solutions to help patients access the care they need.

      Several years into the partnership, OIS continues to refine Marion Health’s wound care services and expand collaboration with other departments. The program has delivered improved patient outcomes, as well as financial returns for the hospital. Futrell credits the successful partnership to Outpatient Integrated Strategies’ collaborative and service-oriented approach. 


      Partnering with OIS has allowed Cindy Futrell to focus on other priorities, knowing the wound care program is in good hands. “Their role is to let me sleep at night,” she says.

      For hospitals looking to take their wound care programs to the next level, no decision is more important than choosing the right partner. OIS’s wound care expertise, flexibility, and commitment to building authentic relationships has helped Marion Health and many other hospitals enhance their wound care programs and provide top-notch care to patients in their communities.