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Outpatient Integrated Strategies provides infusion care services

Infusion Care


OIS Infusion Care Services manage patients who require complex care in an outpatient setting, and these services can operate in tandem with our Wound Care Services or separately.  Infusion Care Services can help improve coordination of care, prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions, and reduce hospital costs.

Basic Wound Care

Hospital Services

  • Infusion Services (no chemotherapy or blood products)
  • PICC Placement
  • Basic Wound Care
  • ID Consultation  
Routine Infusion Products

Routine Infusion Products

• Anti-bacterials
• Anti-fungals
• Anti-virals
• Iron
• Intravenous fluids
• Immunomodulators
• Biphosphonates
• Immunoglobulin

Direct physician oversight integrated model

OIS Services

• Antimicrobial stewardship
• Integrated transition plan of care from inpatient to outpatient with decreased length of stay (LOS)
• Revenue generation with wound care integration
• Hospital avoidance via ER diversion and direct PCP utilization
• Monitoring and decreasing readmissions
• Direct physician oversight integrated model
• Front office flow integration
• Insurance preauthorization staff
• Physician compensation models
• Disease state specific pathways customized to local systems