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Outpatient Services are Essential

Inpatient revenues are a declining percentage of hospitals’ gross revenues.  Therefore, successful outpatient services are critical to financial survival in today’s healthcare environment.  In addition to the revenue, outpatient services also address other pressing issues that contribute to the overall financial stability of a hospital:
  • Quality of care and best clinical practice
  • Decrease hospital length of stay
  • Decrease readmission rates
  • Avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Streamlined patient experience
OIS understands the demands placed on healthcare executives and clinicians under the value-based care system.  Our customers’ concerns become our concerns, and OIS is only successful when our customers are.
Successful Outpatient Program
Many of our competitors provide one-size-fits-all services and long-term contractual program take overs.  We forge partnerships.  Our philosophy at OIS is that our customers determine the services they need, and then we provide our expertise to their outpatient program.

Our Expertise

  • Program Start-up
  • Transition Services
  • Protocols
  • Policy and procedures
  • Physician and clinical consulting
  • Transitional care integration
  • Training
  • Audits to ensure Customer revenue is retained
  • Marketing
  • Program strategy and referral development

Your Program

  • Customer-driven contracting for only the necessary services
  • Customer owns all protocols
  • Customer owns all policies and procedures developed specifically for the program
  • Marketing materials are developed and provided to the Customer
  • Educational materials are developed and provided to the Customer
  • EHR for data management and outcomes monitoring
We have different contracting options to meet your specific needs:

Advisory Agreement


Administration AGREEMENT